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Ortuzano Park - Axis of Active Life

The park that runs along the Ortuzano Canal in the communes of Central Station, Cerrillos, and Maipu functions as an ecological axis that welcomes various opportunities and addresses the challenges that the territory faces. The Ortuzano Park covers a total area of 7.1 hectares and 2.1 hectares of extension.





Public Spaces


7.1 hectares

Regional Government Metropolitan / AMUCH


The Ortuzano Park - Axis of Life functions as an integrated system composed of three structural components: an axis of mobility and activity, neighborhood squares, and an environmental matrix. Together, these three aspects create a harmony of various activities and programs. The diversity of the activities within the park enhances the project by creating an ecological and urban corridor, improving the quality of life in the neighborhoods and for all the city’s inhabitants.

The design of Ortuzano Park is based on various structural and social components, which were identified through an analysis of elements within the urban system and through citizen participation. These components compose the conceptual foundation for determining the layout and zoning of the park.

A technical table composed of representatives from the municipalities of Central Station, Cerrillos, and Maipu, and led by the Metropolitan Regional Government of Santiago assisted in the development of the park. The various municipalities’ representatives and citizens assisted throughout the design process. Additionally, citizen participation allowed Ortuzano Park to integrate into the territories successfully, resulting in the enhancement of urban living, social cohesion, and the city's environmental quality.

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