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Pie Andino Park

The Pie Andino Park project is a portion of the Master Plan of Cerro La Ballena Park in Puente Alto, Chile. The proposal seeks to allow public access to the northern slope of Cerro La Ballena, while accounting for the local needs of inhabitants, including programs for all ages, a dog park, a children’s playground, rest areas, and the previously built Pump Track.





Urban Design



2.5 hectares

Municipality of

Puente Alto

2019 - Present

Ave. Pie Andino constitutes the access for the north slope to the Cerro La Ballena, which would transform the hill into a park. Specifically, Pie Andino Park is located on a plateau, which is approximately 50 meters wide and 500 meters long, along the street, which is intersected by Av. San Carlos.

Three major urban-territorial intervention strategies were considered to address the proposal:

01. Connect the North and South
It is proposed to linearly connect the primary pedestrian flows in the north-south direction toward the future access point to Cerro La Ballena Park, by taking into account the perpendicular streets on the east and west edges.

02. Activate and Diversify with Local Sense

The project would encompass various programs that would activate the park, such as children’s play spaces, nature-centered areas, training domain for activities such as CrossFit and calisthenics, a dog park, rest and recreation areas, along with esplanades and an already built Pump-Track.

03. Generate an Ecological Corridor

Considering that the park is located along the slopes of Cerro La Ballena, it is vital to recover the native ecosystem with rich forest biodiversity. To encourage the recuperation of the natural environment, it is proposed to generate an ecological corridor through the creation of an urban forest with native prairies. This micro-ecosystem allows for the generation of pleasant spaces and shading with minimal water usage. This is complemented by the use of rocks and species with resistance to arid climates, which will help reconstruct ecological patches within the landscape of Cerro La Ballena.

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