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Laguna Carén Access Pavillion

The Access Pavilion is the first milestone in the development of the Laguna Carén Academic Park Master Plan, which was relaunched in 2017 by the University of Chile. The pavilion serves as a space for orientation, congregation, and reference at the entrance of the Laguna Carén property.





Master Plan



2,400 m²

University of Chile


From 2014 to 2017, the development of the Laguna Carén property was endorsed by academics and university officials from The University of Chile, in hopes of updating the Master Plan of the property through a unified vision, as its future challenges were under the protection of the technical and multidisciplinary team.

As a result, in 2017, the initiative to develop a Master Plan for the advancement of the Laguna Carén Academic Park Project resumed. The Master Plan was based on the generation of an Innovation Ecosystem, with a pole of Scientific and Technological Development, along with sports, recreation, and an emphasis on ecological conservation and restoration of native species. The substantial area is dedicated to conservation, allowing for the enhancement and appreciation of the ecological and natural characteristics that are native to the property and services that they provide for the region.


The development proposal for the property required a first milestone, which led to the construction of the Access Pavilion. The Access Pavilion forms an entrance area to the Laguna Carén property with a multipurpose square, including an esplanade, children's games, amenities, and landscaping. For this space, it is proposed to generate a pedestrian route in the form of a ribbon shape with shade that enables flexible programs to occur within the square. The structure is permeable, due to its composition of a series of pillars and metal beams, in conjunction with a sun protection awning.

On January 9, 2018, the former President of the Republic of Chile, Michelle Bachelet hosted a ceremony, along with the Rector of the University of Chile, Ennio Vivaldi. The ceremony initiated the relaunch and materialization of the Laguna Carén Academic Park Master Plan. Later that month, an exhibition of the Master Plan, with its various programs and infrastructure, took place within the Access Pavilion.

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