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Consulting Study of Investment Prioritization in Sports Infrastructure

The identification and determination of priority areas allow for optimal investments at the national scale in sports infrastructure through spatial accessibility models.







National Scale

Ministry of Sports

National Institute of Sports

2020 - Present

According to the National Strategic Plan of Physical Activity and Sport (2016-2025), Chile is attempting to advance the development of infrastructure networks and public areas for sports. New infrastructures will respond to the necessities of the population - whether in management, financing, operation, or social and environmental benefits - in a long-lasting manner. Based on information collected from the 2018 participatory account of the Ministry of Sports, it is crucial to prioritize resources efficiently while considering the requirements of square meters per person.

For this reason, we took on the responsibility of developing a territorial diagnosis with spatial accessibility models for sports facilities within 120 communes, which encompasses approximately 80% of the total population of Chile. We created models with spatial interactions and statistics, which enable us to determine priority areas and designate efforts to improve the configuration of public sports facilities.

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