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Shelter and Viewpoints - El Tineo

El Tineo is a conservation project of more than 900 hectares on the northeastern slope of the Osorno Volcano, Chile, an annexation of the Vicente Pérez Rosales Park. The conservation effort seeks to restore and preserve the character of the once-flourishing park.





Master Plan

900 hectares



The Osorno Volcano is the home of a highly diverse ecosystem and landscape, which has been severely affected by forest exploitation and the presence of cattle decades ago. The El Tineo proposal is located on a 3km run-down path that spans along the face of the Osorno Volcano, located in the Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park. In hopes of recovering the ecosystem value and enhancing visitors’ experiences, we propose a series of walkways with various viewpoints and shelters, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the innate beauty of the landscape inhabited by tepas, arrayanes, coligues, lumas, and nires, along with other mature species.


The Master Plan of El Tineo highlights five sections of footbridges that total 650 linear meters of routes, which are inserted in the more degraded portions of the existing path to help facilitate progressive regeneration. Additionally, three viewpoints are added at various heights to help initiate moments of contemplation along the route. The route leads to two wooden shelters amidst a clearing, which enables prolonged stays in the forest.

Each of the various elements of El Tineo was designed to elevate the experience of the site without harming the existing nature and rather enhancing its conservation. For El Tineo, a modular design produced in wood allows for simple installation that results in minimal impact on the forest and a minimal construction footprint. Additionally, distinct shrub species were studied and raised topographically to integrate the architectural proposal and establish a unique experience.

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