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The Cortijo Territory

For El Cortijo Territory, we developed a diagnosis of urban trends to promote land use restoration.







10 hectares

Patagónica S.A.

2018 - 2019

Our consulting aims to support Patagónica S. A. in its commitment to enhance the urban environment. We developed a diagnosis of urban trends for El Cortijo Territory to help promote land use restoration, as it functions as an articulator of social, economic, and environmental synergies of the Nor-Poniente sector of the comune of Conchalí. The consultancy is focused on guiding investments, detecting opportunities within the territory, and enhancing the local development and welfare of local communities under urban-ecological and functional logic. The utilization of technical-normative mechanisms has advanced the conversions of land through a current and futuristic scope.


The consultancy is composed of three stages:

01. Diagnostic Study of the Current Communal Regulatory Plan of Conchalí and Current Regulations Strategies for Modification

In this stage, we implemented an analysis of the current regulatory framework and development possibilities, the distinct regulations of the instrument that prevents opportune growth, and the strategic outlining of each step with the municipality and institutions involved, as well as the use of a volumetric programmatic study in compliance with the current PRC conditions.

02. Strategies for Capacity or "Massing" and Opportunities for the Territory
This stage encompasses the analysis of the territory’s structural axes and public spaces, the general way of roads, possible development and management, analysis of the transfer of opportunities, and the prospective objective image of the area.

03. Technical Support before Local and Central Government Authorities

The final stage includes a presentation to the municipality, MINVU, and GORE, which outlines the operations of the project proposal, along with each distinct phase of development.

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