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Remodeling and Interior Design of Restaurant Alemán Experto Las Condes

The “Alemán Experto” project primarily focused on a proposal for remodeling and updating the interior design of the restaurant "Alemán Experto". Located on Avenida Presidente Kennedy No. 9321 Las Condes, Chile, the building is composed of two floors which together total approximately 450 m².






450 m²

Alemán Experto


For this project, we were tasked with the challenge of remodeling an old establishment located in Las Condes by transforming the interiors, façade, outdoor terraces, and parking. We set out to create a local attractive scene that activates its surrounding environment while maintaining the restaurant's imaginative feel. The project focused primarily on interior architecture and the modification of the building's façade. The proposal introduces the construction of two pergolas found in the front of the building, the remodeling of the building's interior and exterior finishes, and a minor extension of the access area.

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